Getting Started

The steps to be followed are simple and exciting:

  1. Visit the Kogics Site
  2. Download Java if it is already not installed on your computer
  3. Install a pdf writer in order to prepare soft copy printouts of your score-sheets. Click here to download
  4. On the Kogics Home Page click "Hot Links" on the top navigation bar. The drop down menu lists the 5 games that you are supposed to play
  5. Go to each of the games and play at least 10 sums of each. Do not forget to enter your name under the score sheet
  6. Print your score sheet on your desk top using the pdf writer installed above. You will have 5 pdf score sheets - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and memory game. You may also copy your score sheets in a single Word File if you are having problems with pdf files
  7. Put all the 5 pdf files in a zip folder. This zip folder/Word File should be named with your Name + Class + School.
    1. Example of a Word File submission. Click here
    2. Example of a Zip File submission. Click here
  8. Upload this project by clicking the link Upload your projects on the left navigation bar

Cheers!!!! Your are done with your submissions.

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